Stablecomp Closes its Seed Funding Round at $1.8 million

2 min readNov 23, 2021

Earning the attention and support of industry experts and accumulating the appropriate resources is essential to create a quality product.

A few weeks ago Stablecomp began to recruit partners and supporters with a seed funding round. The offer was met with great interest and the recruitment effort was a resounding success.

Some of the most famous and influential entities in the crypto sector contributed a total of $USD 1.8 million. Supporters include Oracle Investment Group, Moonwhale, Black Dragon, Legion Ventures, Howl Capital, Pack Capital, MEXC exchange, Dutch Crypto Investors, Avalon Wealth Club, Safelaunch and CSP DAO .

Many of these organizations have supported highly reputable projects such as Mintlayer, Certik, Reef Finance, Avalanche, Celsius, Dao Maker, Chainlink, Zilliqa and many more.

Our partners have chosen Stablecomp because they greatly appreciate our clear and unique competitive advantage that may allow Stablecomp to earn a place in the world of decentralized finance and become the reference platform for stablecoin staking.

The team with the support of the partners is beginning to create the most powerful tool available for assessing and managing stablecoin staking opportunities. Their support will make initial development and continuous iterative improvement possible.
The Stablecomp team is proud and grateful to have a great list of partners and looks forward to offering the opportunity to hold the SCOMP utility and governance token to platform users soon.

SCOMP is a utility token. This article contains forward looking statements and is not intended as investment advice.

Please spread the word and follow us on our channels to learn more about the project and find out how you can get involved!

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