Stablecomp, a brand new Multi Chain aggregator

Stablecomp is designed to be a Multi Chain protocol.
However, Stablecomp will firstly launch on BSC, short for Binance Smart Chain.

The potential of being Multi Chain

We see Stablecomp as a mainstream service.

In order to achieve such, Stablecomp will reach the status of a Multi Chain protocol, as shown in the roadmap, by landing on BSC and then Polygon, Fantom, Mintlayer, and Ethereum.

Multi Chain means multiple opportunities, and Stablecomp wants to guarantee the highest level of diversification for its users.

Why did we choose to launch on BSC?

BSC is not the infrastructure where DeFi was created in the first place, but, with its 40 Billion dollars of TVL and the several successful Dapps it hosts, it surely is the place that made the DeFi field grow up to being the dominant one of the whole crypto space.

The BSC ecosystem means a high degree of adoption, counting more than one million daily active addresses; but it also stands for efficiency, high speed of transaction and low fees.

BSC TVL and daily transactions executed.

Also, being EVM compatible, everyone can start using it right away because there is no learning curve to climb.

We believe that these are fundamental requirements for anyone desiring to invest their funds, stablecoins in particular, while enjoying the potential of compound interest through aggregators as

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