Stablecomp v0.6 and Major Milestones recap.

2 min readMar 19, 2024

The last weeks were full of work, but also full of satisfaction. We have done everything to improve our product and will continue to do so in the months to come! Here there is a recap of the major milestones achived:

📍 Thanks to the latest integration of Portals, version 0.6 of the protocol has just been completed which will make returns in stablecoins more accessible, easy and intuitive! Portals has been integrated to facilitate deposits into our yield strategies, allowing users to get as many tokens as they need, without leaving the platform. Furthermore, the very few clicks needed to perform a swap make this integration an exceptional improvement to the entire application.

📍Despite this, we have also decided to cancel the deposit fees, withdrawal fees forever and zapper fees until the end of May, to encourage the use of the application! Using the dapp is practically free and in this period there are also interesting returns! 👀

📍Furthermore, a few weeks ago, 4 million tokens, representing 2% of the total supply, were blocked in an address of the Stablecomp foundation. This block allows the decrease of the circulating supply and its market cap, but will also allow pre-established strategic objectives to be achieved in the future.

📍Blockchain scanners indicate that $SCOMP holders are increasing every week, so for this reason we have released more complete token distribution data on our official docs. 👀

📍New pools with a yield up to 20% APR have been implemented to serve a wider range of return solutions. In the next weeks we will integrate more and more pools and features to improve more and more the protocol.

💙 We thank you so much for the support shown by each of you during this important period. Our goal now is to focus on v1.0 and give our all for the next release.

Enjoy the yield:




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