The entire team is very excited to announce the new Stablecomp updates!

The last few weeks have been really busy and the effort produced some great results.
Here is all the recent news:

🔗 New partners!

We have partnered with important venture capitals in the sector such as Moonwhale, Oracle Investment Group, CSP DAO, Legion Ventures and, last but not least, Black Dragon.
Our goal for the next few weeks is to close the Private Sale phase by involving new partners who can give concrete help for the development of Stablecomp.

📑The road map has been updated!

After a careful analysis of the market and fundamental data, we decided to change the blockchains on which Stablecomp will operate.

We believe that there are currently few DApps on the Fantom network and there is a lot of potential for further development.
Moreover the total value locked (TVL) on this network is low enough to allow a platform like ours to grow by offering a high quality service to our users.

According to our analysis, however, the DeFi ecosystem on Avalanche is much more developed, both in terms of quantity and quality of the DApps, and in terms of TVL.

For this reason we will implement support for the Avalanche chain instead of the Fantom chain in Q2, 2022.


As we have always said, transparency and security are fundamental factors for us.
Starting today the composition of our team is public and can be consulted in the dedicated section of our website.

🔥 Introduction of a deflationary policy for the SCOMP token.

We have modified tokenomics, which has always been based on a limited supply, by introducing burning of the $SCOMP token.
Buy-Backs and Burning of the governance token will be carried out continuously using one sixth of the performance fees generated by the protocol.

Stablecomp applies the following fees to its vaults:‌

📥 Deposit fee: none

💰 Performance fee: 6% of returns distributed as follows

  • 3% to the Governance Pool
  • 1% to the treasury
  • 0,5% to the vault strategist
  • 0,5% to the harvest function
  • 1% Burned

💰 The $SCOMP token IDO is scheduled for November 2021!

The $SCOMP token will be distributed on the BSC network through an IDO in November 2021 to ensure that as many users as possible can get our token before future listings on the leading platforms in the sector.

Date, platform, methods and all information to participate in the event will be published soon on our channels.

Follow us on our channels, learn more about the project and stay tuned!

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