🎁 The incentivized double-week start today!

1 min readJun 26, 2023

The Stablecomp pre-launch user incentive Airdrop qualification period begins today, June 26th and continues through July 7th. We have completed an audit with Kalos to ensure your safety & conducted beta testing to fine-tune the UX.

The top 20 qualifying users will split a total of 200,000 SCOMP tokens that will be vested over time with 5% delivered at TGE and the remainder over a period of one year. Your chance to qualify is based on your stablecoin deposits to the platform during the two week period.

The ranking will be based on three snapshots taken at random between 28th June and the end of 2-week qualification period on July 9th. The top prize will be 50,000 SCOMP. 2nd place gets 25,000, 3rd place gets 15,000, 4th & 5th get 10,000 and the rest get 5,000 SCOMP.

To ensure the safety of your deposits, Stablecomp commissioned an audit by Kalos to ensure platform security and protect your assets. https://www.stablecomp.com/audit.pdf

The platform is secure and ready to go. Make your deposit today, try out the platform, and earn a chance to win👀

Use the dapp link: https://dapp.stablecomp.com/vaults

Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/Stablecomp_com/status/1673335201114587137?s=20




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