ZenX is accelerating Stablecomp

2 min readNov 15, 2021


What is ZenX?

ZenX is a CeDeFi incubator that supports decentralized projects, empowering their growth with technical expertise and growth management — as well as assuring its full compliance. On the decentralized side, there’s autonomy, transparency, self-sovereignty, and connection. The centralized approach entails AML and KYC compliance that assures the positive impact of the project and access to time-tested networks for liquidity management

The incubator is supported by Unizen — a Compliant Liquidity Provider that aggregates digital assets from Centralized and Decentralized exchanges.


ZenX’s mission is to connect decentralized innovations to the community of supporters who will contribute to the mass adoption of DeFi in exchange for versatile rewards. At Unizen, the early access to seed sales and reward programs is not limited to VC firms — the primary focus is on retail token buyers. Innovation, supported by ZenX, brings rewards not to a chosen few, but to the entire community of early adopters, a community that anyone can enter. It’s a cross-roots, meritocratic approach to fundraising blockchain.


ZenX’s vision’s to take the best of the traditional (Ce) incubation approach and combine it with the benefits of decentralized technology (De) — DAO, smart contracts, multi-asset staking. They support DeFi teams from pre-launch to growth, which is what the centralized incubation entails, and power all decisions with blockchain technology — which lies at the core of a decentralized approach.

How will ZenX support Stablecomp

ZenX will supports Stablecomp from launch to release and is committed to ensuring its success by providing infrastructure, technical expertise, networking opportunities, and fundraising.

● Concept Generation & Refinement
● Network Access to Partners & Syndicates
● Roadmap Strategic Mapping & Social Support
● Zen Exchange Platform Incubation & Acceleration Program
● Listing & Exchange Representation for all Major Exchanges
● Company Introductions in a Variety of Fields for Adoption

Stablecomp is growing

Our project is growing day by day, supported by many important partners that believe in the uniqueness and power of our idea in the DeFi market.

With Zenx the marketing team adds an important boost, necessary for a successful launch.

We are already working together to select the IDO platform. We are planning the best solution that will allow you to join the Stablecomp ecosystem and be part of this revolutionary project.

Soon, you will see the Stablecomp grow from an idea into a powerful tool and a community of active users.
We are sure you will be thrilled with what we are planning for you.

Please spread the word and follow us on our channels to learn more about the project and find out how you can get involved!

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